Merge Commands

Merge Commands

Apply All

Use this command after all conflicts have been resolved, to apply all merges to the image.

Apply Resolution

This command applies only the selected resolution to the image. Once a merge has been applied, it will be struck-out in the list display.

Choose Local

Use this command to resolve a conflict in favor of the local version - the version currently loaded into the image. The command doesn't apply the merge; this has to be done as a separate command. Until a merge is applied, it's still possiblet o change the resolution.

Choose Remote

This command is the opposite of "Choose Local." It resolves the conflict in favor of the remote version, but doesn't apply the merge to the image.

Load Local

This loads the local version into the image, without resolving a conflict. This is useful for situations where only change to the current state of the image is desired, without affecting ancestry information. The merge can still be resolved and applied at some time in the future. (When the merge browser first opens this command is unnecessary, since by definition the local version is already loaded. But the image may be changed while the merge browser is open, either through a system browser or by the "Load Remote" command. In that case, this command becomes useful.)

Load Remote

This command is the opposite of "Load Local." It loads the remote version into the image, without affecting ancestry.