Repository Commands

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Use this command to browse the snapshots in a repository with a separate [[RepositoryBrowser|Repository Browser]]. Normally a Repository Browser is opened from a FileList, but this command provides another way to browse a repository that is already part of a project.

Add Directory Repository

This command adds a directory repository to the project. It will prompt for the name of the directory, and either use an existing directory of that name, or create a new one if it does not exist.

Add File Repository

This command adds a file repository to the project. It will prompt for the filename, and either open and scan an existing file, or create a new file if it doesn't already exist.

Add Memory Repository

This command creates a new, empty memory repository and adds it to the project. A memory repository stores versioning data within the image, so it's saved along with the rest of the image. Versioning information is not, however, journalled in the changes file. If an image crashes, the Smalltalk code might be recoverable, but any versioning data that was saved only to a memory repository is not.


Use this to remove a repository from the project. In the case of a memory repository, its contents will be discarded. For other repository types, the data will be preserved outside the image.

Pull From

Use this command to copy versioning data to the selected repository from another repository. This will only copy versions that are not already present.

Push To

This is the inverse of the pull command. It copies from the selected repository to another repository any versions that are not present in the other repository.

Sync With

This command combines push and pull. It ensures that all versions are present in both repositories.