Snapshot Commands

Snapshot Commands

The following commands are available from the context menu of the snapshot column of a project browser.


This will export the snapshot as a chunk-format fileout. It's slightly different than the usual form that fileouts take, in that it places instance variables into separate chunks, according to the internal format used by Monticello.

Save to file

Use this command to export the snapshot to a binary file, along with all of its versioning history. This creates a new file repository and copies the snapshot into it. The file will have the same name as the snapshot.


Snapshot Browser

Use this command to examine the contents of a snapshot. It opens a Snapshot Browser on the versions that are part of the snapahot.


Use this command to merge a snapshot into the image. It will open Merge Browser showing the differences between the snapshot and the image. Use this browser to resolve conflicts or cherry pick versions of particular elements to merge.


Use this command to load a snapshot into the image, exactly as it was saved.